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Prıvacy Polıcy

Yatsan may request specific personal information (name, age, interests, e-mail address, etc.) in order to provide better service to its customers. This information is stored at Yatsan’s private servers and is only used for customer “classification” within Yatsan, for the purpose of periodical campaigns, developing special promotions tailored to customer profiles and prevent unwanted e-mail circulations. Yatsan shall not under any circumstance disclose this information collected from membership application forms to third parties, use the information for commercial purposes other than the field of activity or sell the information to others. 


Besides the e-mail addresses and personal information requested in membership application forms, Yatsan analyses and interprets visitor activity during customer logs onto the website yatsan.com. Such statistical information, which does not contain any kind of personal information, may be shared with Yatsan business associates to give the customer a more customised and effective shopping experience. 


Customer information may only be disclosed to authorities if such information is requested in compliance with existing legal stipulations. 
Personal information entered into the system by the customer can only be accessed and edited by the customer. It is impossible for another person to access and edit personal information. 


Customers may, at any time, leave the Yatsan mailing list simply by clicking on the “Unsubscribe from Mailing List” link found at the end of e-mail correspondence sent by Yatsan or by deselecting the “I wish to receive promotional emails” option in “My Account” section on the official Yatsan website. 
Existing legislation entitles customers to demand information on the use of personal information; ask for the correction of incorrect information; ask to delete, erase or anonymise submitted information; contest the operation or demand compensation for potential damages. 


Yatsan declares that it will delete, erase or anonymise customer information should the reasons that require this information to be processed cease to exist.  


In order to provide superior security for our valued online customers, credit card information required on the payment page is not under any circumstance stored on servers owned by Yatsan or any of its service providers. All such transactions take place between your computer and your bank via the Yatsan interphase. 


For more information and questions please feel free to contact Yatsan by writing to musterihizmetleri@yatsan.com or calling the customer hotline - 444 35 99 (within Turkey only).